The talented team at Book on a Tree provides the following expert services to storytellers and publishers worldwide.

Book on a tree

Our group of authors will nurture your idea and help it to grow into a fully-fledged project ready for worldwide launch.

We can transform your two-page set up into a full Transmedia bible, ready for any future use, complete with characters and world design, thanks to our strategic partnership with the animation studio Nucco Brain.

We work in collaboration with publishers to create illustrations in a wide range of styles, both for books and magazines.

We offer an exciting portfolio of over 25 top-level illustrators and comic book artists from all over the world.

The Book on a Tree team can also supervise and produce the complete layout of a book, from the cover illustration to the ready-to-print file.

Book on a Tree provides professional literary and technical translations -English to Italian- for major International companies.

We receive books on a continuous basis, currently processing between 15.000 and 25.000 thousand words per week.

Our translation team is able to ensure the highest level of quality while meeting strict deadlines.

Our writing team works with agencies and brands to help them with their copy, articles and blog posts. We ensure our content is always on brand and that each word is carefully selected to deliver the core values of our clients.

We work closely with the editorial and creative team of numerous publishers and media outlets to help them research and understand the market of various IPs.

Our skilled team of authors support our researchers to produce detailed reports about specific sectors of the publishing industry, with key insights about current and future trends. More importantly, Book on a Tree proposes actionable solutions with immediate application within the client’s requirements and available resources.