All Forbidden Unless


What if everything were forbidden?

Unless is a city where everything is forbidden/

But don’t worry, often the fines aren’t steep at all, on the contrary, they might turn out to be very sweet.

If you pass by here on the 14th of the month without wearing a hat, for example, you could get a cake in the face!

Come and step into the city: there are very many oddities, but much fun to be had!

  • Humour, fun and many different levels of reading of the text and the various images for the delight of both young and old.


GENRE Picture book
FIRST PUBLISHER Erekappa Edizioni (Italy), 2022


Gabriella was born in Friuli and graduated with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literature. She began her career in TV as a writer-producer and, while working for Disney channels, graduated from the Castello Sforzesco School of Comics in Milan. She drew and scribbled on any surface until one day she realised that she liked writing. She now works in creative writing and video production as a freelancer. Her first picture book Quand tu dors was published in France in 2019.



Matteo was born in Rome (Italy), in 1990. He started drawing when he was four and from that moment on he never stopped. When he was thirteen, he decided that he would be a "drawer of things". This is his first book.