An air trap

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Nature can't take revenge itself, but someone can do it for it.

Lofoten Islands, Norway, 1995. Marcus Morgen has a gun in his hand. It’s time to end it all. After all, what’s left for him? He lost his mother too soon. He’s lost the love of his life. He lost a leg and in the same accident also lost his beloved job as an inspector of the Oslo Criminal Police. There, in that remote archipelago, between ancient mountains and arctic fjords, Marcus has no purpose, no little hope that will convince him to live a single day more. He is about to pull the trigger with Ailo, his colleague and friend, bursts into his house: there has been a murder and the ways in which it was committed are as unusual as they are cruel. Marcus’s brilliant mind gets back into gear. And soon his intuition suggests to him that that death isn’t an isolated case. That that’s only the first victim. But as soon as his hypothesis is confirmed and new murders take place on the islands, he realises that he must hunt down not a simple serial killer, but an authentic living enigma. A bringer of death that seems to emanate from the wilderness. And that executes whoever hurts it. To identify and stop those killer hands, Marcus needs someone who knows the archipelago to perfection: Valentina Santi, an Italian marine animal researcher who is on the Lofoten to study whales. However, simply following the clues isn’t enough to put an end to the trail of blood. Marcus and Valentina must deal with their own past and above all with that of a killer who was also a victim, a predestined to evil.

  • The surprising new thriller by Giuseppe Festa.


GENRE Thriller
FIRST PUBLISHER Longanesi (Italy), 2022


Giuseppe has a degree in Natural Sciences and works in the environmental education field. His great passions in life are writing, music and the outdoors. Founder and singer of the Lingalad folk music group, he has also written a number of nature reports for Italian broadcaster RAI, and starred in the award-winning documentary Oltre la Frontiera. His novels have been widely translated.