Angela Davis


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In a racist society it is not enough not to be racist, you have to be anti-racist and anti-sexist.

Why is there a right and a wrong side of the road for black people to live on? Why do the "brothers" try to please the white people instead of fighting against those who dominate and oppress them? Angela is a little girl, when she begins asking herself these questions, and today, her journey of struggle that began in the 70s isn't yet over...

  • Starts with her experience in prison, for an accusation from which she is cleared.

  • The tale of her experience moves among flashbacks, snapshots of life and reflections capable of still offering today hints of historical and social criticism of great impact.


GENRE Biography / Graphic Novel
FIRST PUBLISHER BeccoGiallo (Italy), 2020


Born in Genova in 1965. Bookseller by family inheritance, then company trainer and executive coach for a telecommunications multinational. At the moment she is in charge of writing and training. To her credit, the book Il bello dello sport (Giunti - Educational Projects), and several collaborations with Slowfood and the magazine Lg Argomenti. Her first illustrated children's album Si j’étais une souris was published with Grasset in 2018.