Antonio Bonanno

Antonio Bonnano is an author and illustrator of children’s picture books, published both in Italy and abroad. He was shortlisted for the Silent Book Contest 2023 organised by Carthusia edizioni, won first prize in the “Il coraggioso Pigafetta e il viaggio intorno al Mondo” competition, was featured at the BCBF 2023 Illustrators Exhibition, won third place at CICLA 2022 in Shanghai, and received the “Popular Prize” at the Tapirulan association’s “Stop” 2022 contest. He was also shortlisted for the Annual 2022 and received Bronze at the Annual 2019 of the AI Association. He received a special mention at Lucca Junior 2018 and was selected for the Lucca Junior 2016/2013 exhibitions.

Antonio Bonanno's Books