Are You There, Bigfoot?


An adventure that shows you never know where a journey might take you.

The gang from The Rainbow Hunters are back together for another adventure!

Our four very determined friends - Bill, Jyn, Will, and Liz - and their dog, Cheesecake, embark on a not-so-typical camping trip in search of the mythical creature known as Bigfoot. As the kids search the forest and around the lake, Cheesecake follows the scent of his own trail - one that leads straight to a family of Bigfoots. When the foursome notice Cheesecake has left, they immediately reset their mission to go and search for their dog instead. Along the way, the kids learn that, no matter where we go, there are exciting discoveries to be made and wonderful things that surround us - even when we're not looking for them! 

GENRE Picture Book
TARGET First readers
FIRST PUBLISHER Comme des géants (France), 2023


Andrea is a petroleum engineer, currently living in London. He was born in Chirundu, in Zambia, in 1983, to Italian parents. He loves travelling the world, discovering new places and embracing different cultures. Fatherhood rekindled his desire to fulfil his childhood dreams. When he isn’t busy with his main job, he spends his time inventing new ways to improve children’s creativity through games and literacy. His three children are his source of inspiration.



Martina Tonello is an illustrator and aspiring carpenter. She likes to explore new places, be it the forest path, the road to a new city or a desk drawer. She was born in 1993 in Padua and now lives in Bologna, where she spends her time inventing stories and workshops for children. She publishes with various publishing houses including Electa Kids, Piemme and Editoriale Scienza.