Arvis of the Clouds

A warrior princess with a heart of flame.
Sky riders in a boundless world.
An epic adventure with solid, well thought-out worldbuilding.

In a world covered with toxic clouds, the survivors have built kingdoms on the mountain peaks and travel by wooden vessels telekinetically raised by the Lifters. They “sail” by sight along specific and limited routes. The kingdoms are joined in a league which is secretly controlled by the Order of Lifters. But to the south is a group of small warlike kingdoms where the draal live – flying reptiles that blow fire. Because of this, they are beyond the power of the Order and therefore unpredictable and dangerous. Arvis, the young princess of one of these Peaks, receives clues that lead her to believe her father may not be dead, just missing. She sets off to look for him, just when – unbeknownst to her – the League of Kingdoms launches an attack on the Peaks. As she explores the world, in search of her father, and the secret he discovered, her brother will lead the scanty forces of the Peaks into battle for the freedom of the Lords of the draal.

  • A female character who is much more than a rebel princess, and certainly does not need saving.
  • A fantasy story with adventure, action, war, discoveries and a strong female lead character who wants to find herself.
  • Air battles between wooden flying ships and dragons: the empathic connection between the draal and their riders affects the riders’ feelings, making them impetuous and aggressive… but they must save their humanity.
GENRE Fantasy, Adventure, Coming of age
FIRST PUBLISHER Giunti (Italy), 2023


Christian is the author of books for children and adults, with a passion for history, adventure and fantasy. He has worked as an editor for periodicals and publishing houses and has worked professionally with board games, simulation games and role-playing games. In 2016, he made his debut in the world of children’s fiction with the novel Fuorigioco a Berlino (The Berlin Offside), which won the 2017 Bancarellino Selection Award and the Il Gigante delle Langhe national prize.