Before You Start Secondary School

100 Activities To Do This Summer

You’ve finished primary school, you can finally enjoy a summer of relaxation, games, free time... but oh no! There’s the infamous “holiday homework”! Wait, what?! If you have to study, surely it isn’t a holiday? Very true, but unfortunately the grown-ups fear that over six weeks you’ll forget everything, even your name! They’re like that, but don’t worry... I have the answer! What if the tasks were creative? For example, going on a bike ride every day without ever taking the same route. Or drawing a map of the countries you absolutely want to visit. Or, again, baking a cake.

100 activities to do during the summer, so while you explore, play, build, break and are late… you learn too. (And you can approach the fearsome secondary school with a smile!)

  • A book that helps you review every subject while playing.
  • 100 activities to do outdoors, alone or with friends, without gender barriers and encouraging anyone to experiment with fun, new activities.


GENRE Coming-of-age
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2022


Daniele lives in a little town in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, where he writes everything from novels to postcards, messages in bottles, and phrases on walls. He started telling stories as a child, to his mother, every time he came home late without warning her. Over time, he made a profession out of it. He debuted with the novel Grande (Grown-up), winner of the Legenda Junior Prize and nominated for the Bancarellino Prize 2018.