Big Trouble at Cinecittà World

The adventure of all adventures.

The last pages of a book about the most mysterious and accursed film director of all time, are missing. Thirteen-year-old Guido Anselmi only has the few hours before sunrise to solve the puzzle, but it’s Walpurgis night and anything is possible at Cinecittà World... as in a dream, the park comes to life: menacing gangsters, submarines and a beautiful girl who offers to help him but seems to attract trouble at every turn.

  • An unforgettable, adrenaline-fuelled adventure set in the Cinecittà World cinema theme park.

  • Frequent references to the situations of masterpieces like A Night at the Museum, Jumanji, The Purple Rose of Cairo and the dreamlike cinema of Federico Fellini, to whom the novel is dedicated.

GENRE Adventure / Fantasy
FIRST PUBLISHER Eli - La Spiga (Italy), 2020


Manlio has a long career in children's film festivals, as deputy director of Giffoni, and his debut saga for Mondadori (the fantasy trilogy: Petrademone) is a bestseller whose cinematographic rights have been acquired by Ivan Cotroneo and Indigo to develop a TV series. He has worked for Cristal Sky, a Hollywood-based production company, and as creative consultant for Doha Film Institute, the most important film producer in the Middle East.