Blue and the Fisherman who Hunted Her

A lonely whale whose song no one understands.
An elderly fisherman who dreams of going back to capturing the giants of the sea.
A friendship that suddenly blossoms despite their differences.
Because even two distant oceans, looking at each other, can join hands.

The voice of Blue, a solitary whale, is different from that of the other whales. She tried and tried to make herself understood, but to no avail. She is left alone in the blue from which she got her name. However, Blue’s meeting with an old fisherman, left on land, but still eager to throw his harpoon, will overturn the perspectives and lives of the two protagonists.

  • A poetic story about loneliness.
  • A journey of discovery of the kind of friendship that arrives suddenly, out of the blue.
  • A book about the need to spend time together, about relationships that save us.
GENRE Picture Book
FIRST PUBLISHER Lavieri (Italy), 2023