Butterflies in Your Stomach


“Open your heart, close your eyes and leave your mind free to follow the words to places perhaps never visited before and whose memory I hope you carry with you forever.”

Love is a hundred thousand: if you try to ask twenty people what it means to love, they’ll tell you twenty different stories. Some will be a little melancholic, some will be very romantic, others will make you smile, others still will even make you angry. There are those who daydream, as if they lived in a fantasy world, those who can’t explain it, those who act tough but then melt, those who are scared but ultimately can’t do without it.

Authors: Elena Peduzzi, Manlio Castagna, Sonia Elisabetta Corvaglia, Mariachiara Lobefaro, Caterina Guagni, Marco Magnone, Lucia Stipari, Loredana Lipperini, Barbara Gozzi, Pierdomenico Baccalario, Paola Zannoner, Carlotta Cubeddu, Vernante Pallotti, Gisella Laterza, Eleonora Babbo e Vincenzo Galli, Azzurra D’Agostino, Lorenzo Rulfo, Chiara Valentina Segré, and Marco Ponti.

GENRE Romantic tales
FIRST PUBLISHER Gallucci (Italy), 2024