Calypso. The Wi-Fi Girl


“There’s such a dreamy voice and such a love for life in this book that you too will come to believe that the world is a weird and fun-filled place to live.” - Andrea Bajani

This story has three protagonists: two girls, one real and one digital, named Ada and Calypso, and a parrot who after taking a blow to the head repeats everything, but backwards... A story about the power of friendship and the fear of being lost, in which a brave girl and a larger-than-life artificial intelligence decide to attempt the impossible: to really be best friends and transform Calypso into a real girl. 

  • If Pinocchio was written today, maybe it would have Calypso as its protagonist!

  • The ironic and tender adventure of a seemingly impossible friendship between a girl and a virtual assistant that resembles Chat GPT.

GENRE Adventure, Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Feltrinelli (Italy), 2023


Agnese Innocente, born in 1994, has had an unbridled passion for drawing and storytelling since she was a child. She made her debut with drawing and colour with the graphic novel Dieter is dead (texts by Federico Chemello and Maurizio Davide Furini). In 2019 she worked as the full author of the re-adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2019). In 2020, together with Sergio Rossi, she published the young adult graphic novel Giratondo. She collaborates with many companies in the US, including Disney USA, Papercutz, and Space Between Entertainment. In Italy, she collaborates as an illustrator with several publishing houses such as Mondadori, Piemme, Giunti, Erickson, De Agostini, and Edizioni EL.