Calypso. The Wi-Fi Girl


“There’s such a dreamy voice and such a love for life in this book that you too will come to believe that the world is a weird and fun-filled place to live.” - Andrea Bajani

This story has three protagonists: two girls, one real and one digital, named Ada and Calypso, and a parrot who after taking a blow to the head repeats everything, but backwards... A story about the power of friendship and the fear of being lost, in which a brave girl and a larger-than-life artificial intelligence decide to attempt the impossible: to really be best friends and transform Calypso into a real girl. 

  • If Pinocchio was written today, maybe it would have Calypso as its protagonist!

  • The ironic and tender adventure of a seemingly impossible friendship between a girl and a virtual assistant that resembles Chat GPT.

GENRE Adventure, Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Feltrinelli (Italy), 2023