Cassandra Apollinaire's Prodigious Soul-Capturing Machine


Whatever happens, never look into the lens...

France, 1971. It’s the 13th of October when a postman rings the Sélavy family’s door, causing all hell to break loose: the delivery is for Louis, René’s twin, who died in an accident two years earlier. Since then, no one has been able to say his name. But when the package reveals the missing piece of the creepy darkroom locked away in the garage and their parents suddenly disappear, siblings Yves, André and René find themselves with many questions: who is the mysterious Cassandra Apollinaire who sent the parcel? What has happened to their parents? But above all: is it really possible to bring the dead back to life? Because Louis is back. And in René’s body.

  • Three siblings, a race against time among the streets of Paris, coded messages, ancient daguerreotypes, centuries-old secret circles and a disturbing mystery: can photographic film preserve a soul?


GENRE Fantasy, Gothic, Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2022


Lucia Perrucci grew up in Puglia, among olive groves, cats and rolls of film. She has always been in love with stories, studying literature in Bologna and scriptwriting at the Giffoni Film Festival masterclass. Today she writes and teaches at school, where she madly adores her students, from whom she steals perhaps her most interesting ideas. Cassandra Apollinaire’s Prodigious Soul-Capturing Machine is her first children’s novel.