Clementina the Partisan

My father taught me to say no.
To rebel, to react and to make my voice heard loud and clear.
That's what it means, for me, to be partisan: to be like him.

Alessandro wasn’t even three years old when the battered people went back to living after the Second World War. Apart from Clemente, his dad, and grandpa Benvenuto.

They didn’t come back. And no one wants to tell him the how and why.

But he’s fed up of being silenced and told “when you’re older” and “this isn’t the time”...

He wants to know now! So, he investigates on his own, bringing to light the history of his family members, war heroes, who inspire him to free the town from a gang of bullies.

  • An unusual point of view on the Resistance.
  • A mystery in which memory generates commitment.
  • A family tale that becomes shared in the words and gestures of those who, great or small, together with the Rulfos have defended freedom with a spirit of sacrifice.


GENRE Historical, Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Giunti (Italy), 2022