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Red Stars is in Other Words 2018 shortlist!

We are honoured to announce that “Red Stars” by Davide Morosinotto (translated by Denise Muir) is in Other Words 2018 shortlist!

Eight titles have been selected by our judges from nearly 200 submissions from around the world. They include stories from internationally acclaimed authors; an adventure with a badly-behaved gang of thieves set in Finland; a story about immigration and tolerance set in Switzerland; a laugh-out-loud tale of dinosaurs running amok in Iceland, and more.

The shortlist showcases outstanding books for children age 6-12 picked by our judges for their literary merit as well as commercial potential. All shortlisted titles have been partially translated and World English Language Rights are available to buy. A marketing bursary of £1500 is available from BookTrust to support the UK publication of each of the shortlisted titles.

Three Honour Titles – books that are highly recommended for English translation and publication – will be revealed on 11th April at London Book Fair with Children’s Laureate Lauren Child and former Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell.

Red Stars by Davide Morosinotto (translated by Denise Muir)

Original Language: Italian – Publisher: Mondadori Libri

“The epic historical backdrop never upstages the beating heart of this story, which is the love between a brother and a sister. Many layered, emotional, and yet told with a light touch that has you turning every page with your heart in your mouth. Outstanding.” – Candy Gourlay

“The structure to the novel is thrillingly clever and sure to delight readers, while the voices of the two main characters are extremely well written and really bring to life this important period in history.” – Gary Powell

“With chilling ‘annotations’ added by some dreaded agency of the Stalinist state the novel is utterly gripping and feels like an authentic, rich and yet accessible account of what it must have been like for children caught up in war with all the resonances that has today.” – Elaine McQuade.


  • Read “Red Stars” by Davide Morosinotto, translated from the Italian by Denise Muir, approximate word count of full manuscript in English: 78,000 –> HERE


‘This is a time when it is never more important for young people in this country to read stories of other peoples who have other cultures, other histories, other landscapes, other languages; to discover difference, and most importantly what it is that unites us all.’ – Sir Michael Morpurgo, BookTrust President