Courage Sails at Midnight

Sometimes you have to find the courage to sail. Even if it's night-time and stormy outside. And you don't know if you'll ever return.

The Second World War bloodstains Europe and nations fall one by one before the Nazi advance. When Norway is conquered, Haakon and his family are forced to board a fishing boat and flee. Heading east on the North Sea. To the Shetland Islands, in Scotland, where for now there’s still peace. But it’s not easy to live in exile knowing that the war continues at home. Haakon makes a decision. Along with his friends Calum and Agatha, he decides to cross the sea back to Norway to help those left behind. And to leave at night, in secret from everyone. But sailing is no piece of cake. To make it, they’ll have to break every rule.

  • A great adventure of courage at sea, set between Norway and the Shetland Islands in 1941 during WWII.

  • A rich and vivid children's novel that tells a story of the sea and passion, adventure and friendship.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Edizioni El (Italy), 2019


Andrea Atzori è scrittore, editor e consulente editoriale. Laureato in Storia all’Università di Cagliari, ha conseguito un master in editoria al Politecnico di Oxford e ha lavorato come assistente editoriale per la David Fickling Books (Queste oscure materie, Monster Blood Tattoo). Dal 2008 al 2013 ha scritto per il mensile Sardinews curando la rubrica di viaggio “Giramondo” e nel 2010 ha lavorato in Olanda come marinaio su una nave d’epoca. Vive in Germania nella Foresta Nera.