Creepy Pasta Stories


Horror is around the corner.
And it's never what you expect.

A series of horror books with a modern twist, combining the fascination for Creepy Pasta with immediate and engaging narratives, stories where children are literally sucked in by now viral legends and monsters that come out of the internet to enter the books and then the world of each young reader...

  • Creepy Pasta are part of the imagination of many children today, their legends multiplying online, but what if they were actually real?

  • What if they really entered boys’ and girls’ daily lives? And what better way than by reading!


The Curse of Bloody Mary

Barbara Gozzi

As soon as Viola arrives in Sanguinara, her father’s hometown, strange events begin to happen, involving her and three other children: Angelica, Salvo and Luca. But everything deteriorates when Salvo carries out a strange ritual linked to a witch who lived there, centuries earlier. Thus, a race against time begins: the four age rapidly and the Witch grows ever stronger. Discovering an ancient curse that involves their families and the town’s mysterious origin, the children will have to face the witch and stop her forever, or she will kill them...


Momo, The Nightmare of WhatsApp

Daniele Nicastro

A few days ago, they passed me the WhatsApp contact of a girl. She’s called Momo. But she’s not like all the other girls. She wears you down, destroys you, consumes you. And eventually, she kills you. You don’t think it’s true? Come on then, what are you waiting for? Send her a message. Momo wants to be with you. Always... forever.


GENRE Horror
FIRST PUBLISHER Fabbri (Italy), 2021