Criminal Youth

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A sixteen-year-old boy out to conquer Rome.

Ninja is 16. With Secco, and their other friends, he earns a living by robbing tourists in the centre of Rome. But when he goes back to his village, he returns to reality: poverty, a devastated family, and an organised crime gang led by Medusa, the district boss. For Ninja there’s only one way to try and move up into the world of easy money and an easy life: getting inside the Medusa organisation. And when, one evening, he climbs over the perimeter wall of the boss’s villa and witnesses a murder, there’s no going back. A story for children and adults who are passionate about mystery, crime novels and fast-paced investigations. An adventure for those willing to seek the truth at any cost.

  • A fast-moving, rapid paced story for teenagers. A TV series on paper.

  • A crime story, in which a boy will be called to make choices that will change his life forever.

  • A wild ride through the streets of the capital and the pyramid of power. Higher and higher, keeping your head, until you risk falling.
GENRE Thriller, Action, Crime
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2022


Igor is a Chief Commissioner of the Penitentiary Police. His books with partner in life and writing Paola Luciani have been published in several countries.