Destination Solar System


The universe in a room: three friends and a flamingo together on the most incredible space adventure!

Oscar, Azzurra and Andrea already know it: the trip to the Museum of Galactic History and Culture will be super duper boring and filled with endless hours of explanation. What they don’t expect, though, is to meet Professor Sirius, the most bizarre astronomer there is, who will take them to the Universe Simulation Room, where everything seems very real! Fasten your seatbelts: we’re setting off on a journey… into space!

  • Suitable for stimulating the curiosity of primary school children who are learning about Astronomy for the first time through the science programme.


GENRE Mystery, Science
PUBLISHER Mondadori Junior (Italy), 2021


Valentina, born in Parma but Bolognese by adoption, has always been fascinated by the stars and the universe, so much so that she graduated in Astrophysics and Cosmology. She loves drawing and writing. This is her first book for Mondadori.