There's nothing better than a nice investigation to put Detecticat in a good mood!

Detecticat is a famous private detective, called to solve all kinds of foul deeds. He has an office, where there's a hammock on which he loves to sleep and his assistant, Miss Bug. Despite some doubts and false leads in his investigations, with the help of his mother, Mysticat, Detecticat always puts the clues in the right order and catches the culprit in the end.

  • Stories to make you laugh.

  • Small cases to solve with clues that are always evident to the readers, but not initially to the protagonist.

  • New format: some lines of text move the narrative forward, while the illustrations with speech bubbles contain the dialogues between the characters.
  • Writing in block capitals for early readers.


Detecticat and the Bullglar

The cluckstabulary warn Detecticat of a burglary at Mr Topaz’s jewellery shop, and while the forensics waddle collects evidence, Detecticat questions the witnesses up and down the port. Thanks to his feline intuition and the help of the wise Mysticat, the culprits won’t go unpunished for long!

Detecticat: Crime and Fisherment

There’s a terrible stench of rotting at the port: the Yellow Fin family has been found on the bottom of the Gold Tub… a real cold-blooded murder! Detecticat confronts the body of evidence, escapes the quackarazzi and focuses on the evidence. The culprit was very cunning, but no clue is so well hidden if Detecticat is the one investigating!

Detecticat. The Mastiff Always Plays Twice

The Swans return home after a wonderful evening and find an unpleasant surprise: the door is open and the safe is empty! Detecticat immediately arrives at the scene of the crime and starts to investigate, and he discovers that the night before, just like the night before that, the Swans were at a jazz concert… this is music to Detecticat’s feline ears!

Detecticat. The Window Overlooking the Pigsty

Detecticat has allowed himself a holiday in the mountains. Going fishing, he discovers that diamonds are being smuggled on the lake… the smuggling enterprise is run by members of the Pike family, but when they’re caught, they’re… as silent as fish! No one can figure out where the diamonds are hidden or how they’re being transported across the lake. Will Detecticat manage?


GENRE Humour, Crime
FIRST PUBLISHER Harper Collins (Italy), 2022


Pierdomenico is a writer and journalist. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into over 30 languages. Today he is considered one of the leading Italian children’s authors and the most widely translated abroad.