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How would you feel if your life suddenly changed?

How would you feel if your life suddenly changed? If your father suddenly died and your mother took you to live on the other side of the world, forcing you to leave your home, your friends and your boyfriend? Olivia must face all this and much more, between old lies and strange dreams. With her only a brooch, set with a mysterious stone, the only memory of her beloved father and the beginning of the strange dreams into which she’s dragged.

  • The first novel by the very popular TikToker Brisida, a mix of magic and romance.

  • An interweaving of paranormal and romance, real life and magic, capable of keeping young readers in suspense until the last page.

  • Created from a dream of hers as a child, a great reader and book lover.

GENRE Romance, Fantasy, Mystery
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori Electa (Italy), 2023