Illustrations by SILVIA PERTILE

A picture book to escape from reality through the imaginary.

There are different types of dreams: those while you sleep, magical and imaginative, but also daydreams that represent your present wishes, dream projects and broken dreams. It isn’t easy to catch dreams, because they flit away like butterflies as soon as you brush against them. Yet we experience them, day and night, as in an adventure: the adventure of dreaming.

  • A book capable of combining dreams and reality, dedicated to all the dreams in the world and to all the dreamers.

  • A poet and very delicate text, to enjoy in a moment of personal escape.


GENRE Picture book
PUBLISHER Bacchilega Junior (Italy), 2021


Maddalena Schiavo lives in the province of Vicenza. An author of children’s texts, since 2014 she has been publishing various picture books and children’s books in Italy. In addition to writing, she also delivers animated readings and workshops for children, in schools, libraries, associations and bookshops. For some years she has been organising a literary festival dedicated to children in the province of Vicenza.



An avid reader and tireless dreamer, Silvia Pertile found in illustration the meeting point of her passions for drawing and the written word. She has participated in various competitions and received awards for her illustrations. She collaborates with various Italian publishers as an illustrator of children’s books and magazines.