Eddie's Guts!


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The tale of a unique connection, a story invented by a father who imagines new worlds with his son, where they can get to know each other and have fun together.

What could happen to a father and son taking a trip together? Everything! Including ending up on a strange spaceship. But together they always find a way to muddle through… using their guts!

  • A boy and his father have adventures somewhere between reality and fantasy: a fun and simple story accompanied by intense, evocative illustrations that  inspire laughter and imagination at the same time. Because dads can be special in their own flawed way, too.
  • Written and illustrated by Gary Frank, a world-famous Marvel and DC comic artist, this is his first children’s book: a way for comics fans to pass on their passion to their kids, as well as to connect with the next generation of fans.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Electa Kids (Italy), 2022


Gary Frank was born in Bristol, UK in 1969. After leaving school, he began trying to get into comics and immediately found work with Marvel UK. Later he took over from Dale Keown on Marvel’s Incredible Hulk.  He works on many Marvel and DC books such as Supergirl, Supreme Power, Batman Earth One, Shazam! and Superman, as well as independents like Midnight Nation. His last major work for DC was Doomsday Clock,  the sequel to the legendary Watchmen, co-written with Geoff Johns. Since 2021 he's been working on a series of new books also with Geoff Johns. The first volume, Geiger, was released in Italy in May 2022. In the meantime, he has developed a bedtime story for his son…