Emergency Exit

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Strange disappearances and a puzzle hidden in a comic book.

Sasha, an autistic boy, disappears during a family outing and only his friends Luca and Charlie are convinced that he’s been kidnapped. The previous day a comic book on the bizarre events of an Italian noble family was stolen and this fact, for the two boys, seems to have a connection with the disappearance of their dear friend Sasha. So, they begin to investigate, sure they’re the only ones who know he’s in danger. Only after having fallen into a trap in the woods, risked drowning, unmasked a gang of swindlers, travelled in sidecar with an octogenarian, reached Italy aboard a bus of Turks, and threatened a man by pointing a loaded gun at him, will the friends solve the mystery that led to the kidnapping.

  • Adventures, enigmas to solve and a strong friendship… things aren't always as they seem, some times much more than others!


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Pelledoca (Italy), 2020