Football mega quiz

How many answers do you know?

500 questions to put yourself to the test or play with friends. The history of football and the best matches. The biographies and the accomplishments of the players. The hymns, the symbols, the team shirts. The records, the most famous goals and the great championships. Curiosities, anecdotes, nicknames.

  • 500 questions and 500 answers to play alone or with friends.


FIRST PUBLISHER Salani (Italy), 2021

Marco Cattaneo


Marco is a journalist and host of Sky Sport, as well as a children's book author. He wrote the series Zio Billy e I suoi amici (Uncle Billy and his Friends) – published by Salani – with Alessandro Costacurta. He also published the free ebook La nostra partita (Our Match) with Rizzoli, to tell children about the fight against Coronavirus through the metaphor of football.