Forgiveness Is Possible


An emotional journey through which forgiveness becomes a source of energy to direct his gaze towards new horizons.

“It’s 2002. I just turned thirty-three a few months ago. I open my eyes and see a face covered in tears. I don’t understand, I don’t recognise it. I’m annoyed. I’m in hospital. My legs won’t move. I imagine an accident. I don’t remember my name but I know what I am. A man in great pain.”

This is how the second part of Michele’s life begins: suddenly feeling ill after a work meeting, he faints and is urgently admitted to hospital. And then comes total memory loss: he doesn’t remember his name or his mother’s face.

“Why me?” Michele asks himself, as the illness runs its course and takes away his work, his stability and everything he has achieved over years of sacrifice. Until, gradually, his memory comes back, bringing with it all the drama that characterised his youth: a difficult family background – marked by absence, resentment and an oppressive atmosphere – and the awareness that he has never truly felt accepted.

How could he take back control of his life again? Where would he find the strength to be reborn and move forward, having been through a trauma like that?

  • In the pages of his first book, the author tries to answer the above and other questions by telling his story, tying up loose threads and retracing the path that enabled him to be reborn.

  • “I believe forgiveness is an important gesture: it enables us to honestly acknowledge an opportunity life has offered us.”

GENRE True story
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2023


A communications professional, Michele has had a long career as a choreographer and director in the show business world. In television and theatre he found the form of expression that has enabled him to become a consultant in emotional expression. Today, despite his age, he is integrating his holistic studies with Developmental Psychology at the University of Roma Tor Vergata. His aim is to share his story to help others. On social media he is known as the Director of Emotions.