Geppe the Brigand

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A young farmer turned brigand

The story of Geppe, a young Langhe farmer in the mid-nineteenth century who finds himself, almost by chance, part of a band of brigands. Among the criminals he will meet Susanna, a proud and determined girl, together with whom he’ll begin an adventurous path of growth and emancipation.

  • A wide-ranging historical and educational novel, touching universal themes such as friendship, love, the search for ethical boundaries and values to believe in.

  • A journey full of adventure, discovery, love, growth, and betrayal.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Edizioni El (Italy), 2020


From Turin, Stefano Garzaro has worked extensively in school publishing. He has published numerous researches on local history and received a mention at the Cesare Pavese Prize with his novel Ventinove sottozero.