(Good) Bad Intentions


What if you found your mum's secret diary from when she was 14 years old? And what if it held a mystery and bad intentions inside?

Who hasn't wondered what their parents were like as kids?

Fifteen-year-old Giorgio, with almost 3000 followers and 0 friends, has never raised the question. At least until he finds a 1996 notebook in which his mother Catherine, aged 14, tells her best friend Karl that she wants to blow up the family bookshop. From that moment on, he tries to read every page of that double diary to solve two mysteries: who is this Karl, and what happened to him? And how did the insecure Kat become General Catherine?

  • A "Back to the Future" without the DeLorean, but with secret diaries. From 1996 to today to really get to know your parents.

  • A story about true friendship that leaves you free; about loneliness, even while teeming with followers; about the solidity of relationships when they’re built by putting yourselves in each other’s shoes.

  • Are you sure you know your parents? What secrets are hidden in their past? Giorgio has discovered his mother’s secret, and with it also love.


GENRE Coming of Age, Romantic
FIRST PUBLISHER Einaudi Ragazzi (Italy), 2022


Carlotta is from Cagliari by origin and Florence by adoption. She started reading novels at school and then never stopped. Her books have been translated into Spanish and Russian, but she’s never been to either Spain or Russia. Her current obsessions include cartoons, comics, bluffing games, alpacas and yoga, but they change every six months, so who knows what's coming next!



Caterina was born in Florence and, who knows, perhaps for this very reason she became obsessed with Dante, who she studied for a long time before moving on to reading books by living people. She now works as an editor and deals with school books: please don't hate her! She loves doing a hundred thousand things, but above all playing football and playing the piano and the guitar (both very badly, but with great relish, so don't tell her!).