Grown Up

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The mafia through the unaware eyes of a boy that wants to grow up at all costs.

Thirteen-year-old Luca wants to go on holiday with his friends. Instead he’s made to go to a remote village in Sicily. Not even the companionship of his cousins can raise his spirits. Luca gets to know Mario who has a scooter and the latest iPhone and what’s more, he invites him to go to the pub, like a grown-up. He can’t wait to do grown-up things. The summer is saved but behind all that freedom, pool parties and new friends, there lurks a pitiless enemy. Its name is Mafia.

  • A story that describes the Mafia through a boy's eyes.

  • Inspired by a true story.


GENRE Adventure / Coming of Age
FIRST PUBLISHER Einaudi Ragazzi (Italy), 2017


Daniele lives in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, where he writes everything from novels to cards and messages in bottles. He began telling stories as a boy, whenever he came home late. His debut novel Grande won the Legenda Junior Prize and was shortlisted for the Bancarellino Prize 2018.