Guido Sgardoli

Born in San Donà di Piave, and with a degree in Veterinary Medicine, Guido Sgardoli is a full time writer. He has collaborated for several years on newspapers, magazines and websites dedicated to road trips, dealing with the history and traditions of the United States. He has long been interested in Ufology, Paranormal Phenomena, Astronomy, Archaeoastronomy, and the History of the United States and the Native Americans. In addition to animals, he has always loved books, since he was a child. And as happens to many, one day he wanted to write a story all of his own. Since then he hasn't stopped, and in 2004 he published his first book, and then many more: adventurous, funny stories full of various “animals” that are much loved and widely read by children and teenagers.

Guido Sgardoli's Books

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