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What makes you more human than a robot capable of doing everything you do?

After losing her parents in a terrorist attack, Cassandra joins the police to discover the culprits. She’ll end up finding much more: herself. A dangerous discovery, because Cassandra is a robot.

  • A breath-taking adventure in a vertiginous city of the future.

  • A thrilling mystery about what keeps us human when humanity is gone, and what drives us to be good, or evil, or both.

  • A very human about androids, but that speaks of us.



Cassandra lost her parents in a terrorist attack and enrolled in the police force to find the culprits. She’ll end finding much more: herself. It’s a dangerous discovery, because Cassandra is a robot. In a spectacular city of the future, the emotional story of an android girl in search of her humanity.

Human: Hope

How much is your freedom worth? Would you fight to be free? Would you kill? Android girl, special agent, rebel and (deep inside) capable of feelings, Cass fights against the oppression that burdens the Arcade androids. And while she struggles, someone is conspiring to destroy her work, her personal life and the entire system ruling the city. A question can have different answers. And a rebellion, though right in its cause, can become a new tyranny in the wrong hands. The line between right and wrong can be finer than a breath.

FIRST PUBLISHER Lapis (Italy), 2015


Tommaso lives and writes on an isolated hilltop surrounded by rocks, wind, woods and roe deer. Passionate about stories, sleight of hand, comics and games, he is a curious writer and, as such, tackles various genres, ranging from historical fiction to science fiction, from adventures to thrillers. His novels have been translated into more than twenty languages.