I Was Here First!


Illustrations by ALICE PIAGGIO

A story of unconditional love.

There’s no getting around it: a little brother, even when you want one very much, is always an earthquake that will shatter all your certainties as an only child. Everything you have will no longer be yours alone! Everything you know will never be the same again! However, a little brother, even when you didn’t really want one, is always a surprise. Someone with whom to rediscover the world you know with a different perspective, and someone to set off with to explore the part of the world that you don’t know yet.


GENRE Picture book
PUBLISHER ERREKAPPA Edizioni (Italy), 2021


Alice Piaggio was born in Genoa, but grew up in Bogliasco, a small village of surfers and fishermen. In 2014, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, then, in 2017, she graduated in Graphics of images and illustrations at the ISIA institute in Urbino. She lives in Ticino, Switzerland, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, green meadows and chestnut woods. Winner of Premio Illustri 2019 in the Magazine and newspaper category, she’s the co-founder of PELO magazine. She collaborates with Italian and foreign magazines and publishers.