If She Says So…


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Memorable quotes from great women.

Nobody, like a woman, can speak to women. So let’s listen to them, the women who know how to change our lives with their formidable voices. Shy and bold women, women who made history and women who told and sang it. Women of yesterday and today, in a carousel that celebrates intelligence, sagacity, irony, but also activism and protest. Because ’the word is a powerful lady.’ And, not surprisingly, she is a woman.

  • Fifty illuminating quotes, fifty intense portraits: an amazing collection that celebrates the irony, intelligence, strength and wit of women. “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman” (Simone de Beauvoir).


GENRE Biography
FIRST PUBLISHER Edizioni El (Italy), 2019


Sarah is an editor and children’s book author. She has worked passionately in the children’s literature world for more than a decade, for all the most important publishers around. She lives in the woods surrounded by winds, deer and books.