Little Gatsby

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A humorous new take on Francis Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece.

As a birthday present, Arthur Pivell is forced by his family to move west. There, he not only has to get used to a new town devoid of any kind of interest, but also a new house – which is more like a shack, a new school and new classmates who are obsessed with their smartphones. Precisely thanks to these, he soon realises that he lives in a strategic place: in the giant white villa that stands next to his garden lives a boy who everyone calls “Little Gatsby” for his habit of organising big parties every Saturday afternoon. Everyone goes to them, even if no one has ever seen the host... he seems to be super mysterious, and there are various legends about him and his fortune. Having just arrived, Arthur seems for everyone to be the loser of the moment. But the situation is reversed when at school Arthur receives Gatsby’s official invitation to attend one of his parties...

At that party, he meets young Junior – this is his neighbour’s real name. He immediately understands that his mystery is built on a misunderstanding: if nobody knows anything about Little Gatsby, it’s simply because he’s so mediocre that nobody notices him…

At the beginning, Arthur never wants to have anything to do with Little Gatsby, but then he'll help him conquer the girl of his dreams.

  • A modern story that mixes elements of the classic coming-of-age tale, humorous novel and stories about first loves, constantly giving a nod to Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece and the atmosphere of the ’20s/’30s.

  • A lot of laughs!
GENRE Humour
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2023