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Who is the pack made up of and how is it organised? Why do wolves howl? How do they hunt?

The beautiful story of Lupinella: it’s the tale of her life, but also of all the wolves that have repopulated the Alps in recent years. We meet her just born, when she is safe in the den with her mum. We see her grow up, play with her siblings and learn the rules of the pack. We follow her as she explores the woods and discovers its dangers, and we stay with her until the delicate moment comes to leave her family and find her own way.

  • Finalist for the Independent Libraries Association Orbil Prize.

  • A children’s book on wolves, to learn about these animals and their role in the alpine ecosystem.
  • Giuseppe Festa’s enthralling narration, enriched by Mariachiara Di Giorgio’s illustrations and the insights of an expert “lupologist” of the Life Wolfalps project, accompanies the children to the discovery of wolves, animals unfairly feared and too often persecuted.


GENRE Narrative Non-Fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Ed. Scienza (Italy), 2018


Giuseppe has a degree in Natural Sciences and works in the environmental education field. His great passions in life are writing, music and the outdoors. Founder and singer of the Lingalad folk music group, he has also written a number of nature reports for Italian broadcaster RAI, and starred in the award-winning documentary Oltre la Frontiera. His novels have been widely translated.