Margherita Hack


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Cycling among the stars

You may not know, but we astronomers have a time machine. It’s the speed of light. It allows us to look back in time.

During a long bicycle trip, Margherita Hack tells her husband Aldo about her infinite passion for physics and astronomy. Drawing continuous similarities from the world of bicycles, Margherita reviews and explains some of the greatest questions of modern science: Einstein's theory of relativity, time travel, the existence of extra-terrestrial life forms, the birth and death of a star.

  • Mixing biographical story and scientific disclosure with irony and inventiveness, Margherita Hack, cycling among the stars is a surprising journey through the life and passions of an extraordinary woman.

  • A timeless parable that reminds us of the legacy left to us as a gift by Margherita Hack.


GENRE Biography / Graphic Novel
FIRST PUBLISHER BeccoGiallo (Italy), 2021