Monster Bike Group

A special place where dreams are "built"... bolt by bolt.

Where do you go when you don’t know where to go? When school, friends, even the neighbourhood where you live no longer seem the same? Just venture into an anonymous and somewhat secluded street, and here’s the right place: a Bike Shop that has the power to attract those who are looking for an escape route. From an oppressive family, from school bullies, from everyday problems...
A place where you can build dreams with your own hands, one bolt after another.
For Gio, Franci, Maryam and the others of the Bike Shop, the challenge will be to fight prejudices and defend the neighbourhood where they grew up from the ruthless logic of adults.

  • An idea inspired by a real place where creativity meets community, a unique bicycle repair and restoration workshop. It's not just about fixing bikes - it's a vibrant hub for socialising and fostering inclusion. In partnership with educational initiatives, it aims to bridge gaps and nurture the spirits of our community's most sensitive youths.
  • The story and characters touch a wide range of emotions and feelings related to the world of children and the themes of diversity, bullying, respect for the environment, one's roots.
GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Giunti (Italy), 2024