Monster School


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The first day of school can be truly monstrous.

It’s the first day of school and Gio is quite worried. His dad says that a new start is always an amazing adventure, but Gio can’t quite believe it.

And sure enough, an ogre is there to welcome him in the doorway of that crooked-looking school, and in the classroom is a pack of little monsters running wild as they wait for their horrible teacher: Wicked Stepmother!

What kind of school is this?

Sitting next to Raf, a snot-dripping dragon, Gio waits for the best moment to run away, while werewolves howl, witches blow out black smoke from their ears, and gnomes as tall as giraffes talk in rhymes…

  • This book is about school, monsters and fears.

  • A child catapulted into a monster school. How will he escape?


GENRE Adventure / Monsters
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2021


Sabrina Guidoreni was born in Bologna (1982) where she still lives. She studied at Bottega Finzioni, and is a nursery school educator and tireless reader. This is her first book for Mondadori.