Monsters and Legends


Could it be that werewolves were only very hairy humans?

Our ancestors believed in mermaids, unicorns and the Cyclops, not because they were mad but simply because they didn’t know any better. What if the terrible kraken, so feared by sailors, was none other than a giant squid? Imagine if Bigfoot was just a lost gorilla.

  • A delightful journey into a fearsome and unknown world of dragons, vampires, yetis and gremlins.

  • The fact and fiction behind our favourite monsters and legends.


GENRE Mythology
FIRST PUBLISHER Flying Eye Books (United Kingdom), 2017


Davide is a cartoonist, illustrator and author for children. He has published more than 100 books which have been translated in 30 countries and won awards in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea and the USA. He has published also under the pseudonyms Taro Miyazawa and Daikon.