Murder in the Band

Wild rock, adoring fans, millions of followers.
But that's not enough, you still want more and more!
But be careful: if you want too much, you risk encountering... death.

The IVs are a very successful teenage rock band. But, offstage, the personalities of the individuals clash, causing division in group. Lucky, the singer, is unpopular with the others... but he’s also the member who’s most successful on social media.

During a concert, Lucky dies. The police begin their investigations but Julie, the bassist, wants to find out for herself what happened. On social media, the fans accuse the rest of the band, but the police arrest the manager. Julie isn’t convinced: why would he have done it? She discovers that the manager and Lucky were in cahoots to simulate a poisoning and throw suspicion on the rest of the band: Lucky would have thus launched a solo career while maintaining the affection of the fans: “I’m forced to leave The IVs: they tried to kill me.” But something went wrong: Lucky is really dead... and maybe another member of The IVs had a hand in it!

  • The backstage setting of a rock band. The atmospheres, the emotions, the energy.

  • An interesting group of characters with characteristics that recall young pop stars.

GENRE Crime, Music
FIRST PUBLISHER Battello a Vapore (Italy), 2023