Murder in the Mirror

An eccentric boarding school among the glaciers.
An impossible murder.
A story of secrets and obsessions

One night, a student is murdered at the Zeigermann Institute, an exclusive girls’ boarding school, better known as the Clocks School, due to its infinite collection of cuckoo clocks. It is surrounded by wild perennial forests, the silence and isolation of the mountains. A boy witnesses the crime but then finds himself face to face with the murdered girl – alive and without a scratch. And a dangerous game begins.

  • A brilliant, ingenious thriller with an original setting.

  • A game of mirrors where no-one is what they seem.

  • Bringing best-selling thrillers and mysteries for kids firmly back into the spotlight.
  • The strongly memorable setting of a weird school full of mysteries.
  • A triumph of outrageous characters, each with their secrets, and full of suspicion, blackmail, red herrings and twists.


GENRE Mystery / Thriller
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2021


Tommaso lives and writes on an isolated hilltop surrounded by rocks, wind, woods and roe deer. Passionate about stories, sleight of hand, comics and games, he is a curious writer and, as such, tackles various genres, ranging from historical fiction to science fiction, from adventures to thrillers. His novels have been translated into more than twenty languages.