My Friend Lancelot

The magic of the snowy woods, the adventure of a child who gets lost at night, the thrill of finding a bear for a friend... and returning home.

To escape a snowball ambush from the usual bullies, Tommi flees into the woods, but the snowfall surprises him and he loses his way home. He meets a large solitary bear with a strange collar around its neck, which moves silently and purposefully among the snow-covered trees. The two walk together as friends, sleep under a tree like brothers and look for food as if they were on holiday. When Tommi uncovers the mystery of the collar, he finds the way home for his bear friend, who he’s renamed Lancelot. And there he will also meet his family.

  • Inspired by the true story of the adventure of a lost boy and the bear who saved him.
  • A child, a docile bear, the snowy woods and wonder and amazement.
  • Bullying, adventure, altruism and respect for animals.
  • Feelings, courage and friendship.
GENRE Picture book, Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Giunti (Italy), 2024