My Grandpa Who Returned From Germany on Foot


Almost authentic biography of a remarkable man.

A girl embarks on a journey to go and meet someone who represented an important moment in the life of her grandfather, an original man with a rather unbridled imagination, whose stories are always on the border between reality and fantasy. During the journey, she reveals some of his stories, rearranging some excerpts from his life, until she arrives at the meeting, which will turn out to be both surprising and moving.

  • A true story, with hints of verisimilitude!

  • A tale that speaks of a historically established fact, and of a historical period that has marked the lives of millions of people.


GENRE Illustrated biography
PUBLISHER Barometz (Italy), 2021


Genoese by birth, a bookseller by family inheritance, and then a trainer and executive coach, Mariapaola today deals with writing and training. Between 2018 and 2020 she published “Filo il mio amico immaginario” (Eli Publishing), “Case nel mondo” (ElectaKids), “La collana della nonna” (Tandem-Il Castoro), “Emma. Aspirante Cupido” and “Orgoglio e pregiudizio. Mai fidarsi delle apparenze” (Hop edizioni), “Fuga da campo sventura” (Bonelli Kids), “Il grande viaggio di Naoki” (Jaca Book), “Ancora, papà” (Terre di Mezzo), “Storie di ragazzi che cambiano il mondo” (Electa Junior), “Angela Davis e Rosa Parks” (Beccogiallo). She coordinates the training and reading promotion project “Omero – Gli scrittori raccontano i libri” (Writers telling their books), conducts creative writing workshops and carries out interviews with illustrators, because she still hopes to learn to draw.