My Indigo Summer

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What if life were a big empty room to fill however we want?

Fourteen-year-old Viola has a secret linked to the worst day of her life, which she calls The Day I Hit Rock Bottom. Until now she has always spent her summer holidays in the mountains, in a caravan with her beloved grandparents, with her best friend for company. But this year Grandpa is in hospital and Viola has just moved with her parents to a small town in the suburbs, where she doesn’t know anyone and life seems grey even in August. It’s set to be a forgettable summer until the afternoon when everything changes: Viola bumps into a group of boys and girls playing volleyball, who might become her new friends. One of them, the inscrutable and charismatic Indigo, seems to be hiding mysteries, and he soon pushes Viola to challenge the rules, and forces her to overcome her greatest fears.


  • The realistic yet highly poetic story of a life-changing summer, the rite of passage during which every teenager finds out - through new friendships, first love, illusions - what it means to grow up.
  • An unforgettable protagonist, profound and multifaceted, rich in conflict and vulnerability.
  • A story of growing up, the relationship between what we are and how we want to appear, so as to look more interesting in others' eyes. Or maybe our own.
  • A fast-paced story of adventures, full of surprising turns, with a huge plot twist in the ending.
GENRE Romantic / Coming-of-age
FIRST PUBLISHER Mondadori (Italy), 2019