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I know your secrets

Thirteen-year-old Michele has an app on which he can read his classmates’ secrets. It’s called “MySelf”, a social network where you can share your thoughts and fears without worrying about being judged, because users’ identities are protected and no one knows who they are. No one except Michele...

  • A story about teenagers that goes directly to the young reader’s heart by speaking their own language.

  • The theme of social media and its ability to condition behaviour: “Michele had all those secrets in the palm of his hand”.

  • A 13 Reasons Why with unexpected twists.

GENRE Sport / Coming of Age
FIRST PUBLISHER Piemme (Italy), 2020 


Giada grew up in the Cremona countryside, before moving to Milan to study foreign languages and literatures. She won the second edition of Do You Have a Story?, where she met Gisella Laterza, her partner in Rhyme. By day she manages Book on a Tree’s social media pages, while by night she writes with her cat, Nike. Pale. Allergic to garlic. Some people already have their suspicions...