Play Your Own Match

Are you ready to score the winning goal?

Play Your Own Match is a 90-minute game (the length of a football match) with 90 different activities.

Every minute is linked to a challenge, a game, a quiz, an activity to test you, until you reach the final whistle, having fun along the way, learning loads of new stuff about football. All you need are some pens and pencils to colour the shirts of the top teams in the world, solve puzzles, crosswords and riddles; a pair of scissors for cutting out; and all your imagination to invent your own team, with its own logo, shirts, bus and fans.

With Play Your Own Match, there’s so much to discover about the champions and top teams throughout the history of football, and you’ll be playing, running and having fun non-stop for 90 minutes (no peeking at the answers in the back of the book!). And you can play however you want: on your own, with your family, with your friends. The important thing is to colour, mix up and design your book as much as possible!

  • Lace up your football boots and get ready to experience a real match, minute by minute!
  • Games, puzzles, drawings to colour and other fun activities: find out all the secrets of the most beautiful game in the world.


FIRST PUBLISHER Gallucci (Italy), 2022