Scary Stories


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Not only ghosts that haunt ancient mansions and vengeful creatures looking for victims, but also vampires of the abyss and demons born from the worst nightmares. What should you do when faced by a threatening, disturbing shadow? Run away without turning back or look terror in the face, to overcome it? The protagonists of these stories have no doubts: all fears rely on chills.

“Confronting ourselves with a beautiful story that scares us forces us to face our fears, sometimes even the most hidden ones. And every time we recognise them, resist them, challenge them and end up managing and dominating them, those fears become a little smaller and we, on the contrary, grow up a little more." - Manlio Castagna

Authors: Pierdomenico Baccalario, Christian Antonini, Manlio Castagna, Igor De Amicis, Paola Luciani, Gisella Laterza, Barbara Fiorio, Barbara Gozzi, Marco Magnone, Fiore Manni, Lucia Perrucci, Guido Sgardoli, Daniele Daccò, Antonio Ferrara, Davide Sarti, Christian Hill, Alessandro Q. Ferrari, Valentina Torchia, Giuditta Campello and Jacopo Oliveri.

GENRE Horror
FIRST PUBLISHER Gallucci Editore (Italy), 2023