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A day like any other, the nightmare begins.

Floriana goes to high school, loves her friends and her independence. One day, in the park, a boy asks her what her name is and she thinks he’s the usual fanatic who sees a pretty girl and tries it on, so she doesn’t answer. A week later, there he is again: he stops her on the street, waits for her in front of school, then on her doorstep. And he calls her by name, clogs her phone with messages, seems to know everything about her. It’s the beginning of a whirlwind of fear that lasts three long months. Floriana closes in on herself, stops wearing skirts, only leaves the house if forced. She’d like to ask for help, but first she must learn to call the boy following her by his real name: stalker.

  • A story narrated with grace and delicacy, a difficult theme narrated in a simple way, told through the eyes of a teenager.


GENRE Coming of Age
FIRST PUBLISHER Einaudi Ragazzi (Italy), 2019


Daniele lives in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, where he writes everything from novels to cards and messages in bottles. He began telling stories as a boy, whenever he came home late. His debut novel Grande won the Legenda Junior Prize and was shortlisted for the Bancarellino Prize 2018.