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We're all, truly all, genius!

Every day the little things that happen around us make us curious, put us in front of problems to solve, force us to find ingenious solutions… which is exactly what scientists do! Zoe, Ted and the wise dog Rod, explore science, technology, engineering and maths with funny questions and simple experiments.

  • A new way of bringing children closer to scientific subjects, starting from everyday situations.

  • A book to show youngsters that we are all, truly all, genius!


We are all scientific experts

Why are we taller in the morning than in the evening? Can you build a rocket with a straw and a balloon? How do you challenge gravity in the kitchen?

We are all technological experts

How do you order your favourite ice cream flavours? Can you have fun with numbers using toothpicks? With which mathematical trick can you eat a lot of biscuits?

We are all engineering experts

Why does hair become electric? Can you play a song by creating sound waves with what’s in the kitchen? How do you build a parachute with a bag?

We are all mathematical experts

Can you transform a spoon into a catapult? Do we really need opposable thumbs? How do you cut an apple if you have only have what primitive men had available?


GENRE Narrative Non-Fiction
FIRST PUBLISHER Rizzoli (Italy), 2019


Andrea is a journalist who’s been dealing with environmental problems for thirty years. Based on scientific studies, he invents books, games, educational workshops and summer camps to teach children to respect the Earth.