Stories Under the Beach Umbrella


“This is the secret of summer: even though it’s so short and ends too quickly, it actually stays with you forever.” – Marco Magnone

Summer means freedom: to travel, do things, have fun, away from the everyday routine. It’s the perfect time to experience adventures big or small, discover new friendships or reveal ancient secrets, hidden right around the corner from home or on the other side of the world. That’s why we spend the other seasons waiting for summer and imagining the stories that await us: because they tell the most beautiful and truest part of each of us.

Authors: Pier Domenico Baccalario, Irene Borgna, Manlio Castagna, Anna De Giovanni, Barbara Fiorio, Viola Gambarini, Barbara Gozzi, Luca Iaccarino, Gisella Laterza, Marco Magnone, Fiore Manni, Davide Morosinotto, Angelo Mozzillo, Gabriele Nanni, Daniele Nicastro, Lucia Perrucci, Enrico Racca, Guido Sgardoli, Lucia Stipari, and Lucia Vaccarino.


GENRE Adventure
FIRST PUBLISHER Gallucci Editore (Italy), 2023